Frequently asked questions

How much does a prep meal or snack cost?

Twisted Fork offers main meals and snacks to help you with your cooking. Cost range will depend on what you order. There are no minimum and you can add other items to your order at the same time. The meals are portion controlled for those that are looking to eat healthier, lose weight, don't have time to cook for themselves or even our seniors lookig for something different.

How do I pick my meals?

Click on the picture and tell us how many of each different meal you want.

How does Twisted Fork keep my prepared meals fresh for delivery?

Twisted Fork takes pride in using as much local and seasonal ingredients. We make as many of our meals from scratch and try not to use chemical preservatives. We prepare, professionally package and store all meals on the day of pick up and follow all Food Safety procedures to ensure no cross contamination happens.

How many servings are in each Prepared meal and how long do they last?

Each meal contains one serving. When properly stored in the refrigerator, they will last up to 5 days and for items that can be frozen, up to 30 days.

Prepared meals - how do I order and pay for them?

To order - find the items you are lookig for on the website or if you are looking for something else, make an appointment with Chef Deb to discuss You pay directly on the website and we accept all major credit cards. We use a safe payment gateway and do not store any card details on our site.

Are the meals fresh or frozen?

Meals are always fresh. Some can be frozen if you are not going to get to them right away. To reheat from frozen, thaw in the refrigerator and then heat in the microwave or oven. For some items, you may not need to cook them before eating - please follow all instructions.

Nutritional Plan – where can I get one?

Chef Deb Poulin believes in supporting local business, and she works closely with Optimal Wellness. You can check out their website or visit Luke Blackburn at the gym.

Promo Codes

Twisted Fork will offer promotions from time to time and all Promo Codes will expire.

How does Twisted Fork accommodate special diets at the restaurant?

Twisted Fork can accommodate most special diets. During menu planning, we do consider Keto, Gluten Free, Celiac, Dairy Free (where we can). Always let our servers know if you have diet restricitons as we take all precautions to accommodate and prevent cross-contamination.

Where are our local suppliers from?

Most of our local suppliers are from Northeastern Alberta in the Lakeland Area. If we can not get products in our area - we look at Alberta and then our nation

Is there a difference between the Prepared Meals and our Current Menu

Twisted Fork offers Prep Meals that need to be preordered and picked up on certain days. Prepared meals are ordered and paid through the website. Our Current Menu - is the menu that is being served at the restaurant and you can call us at 780-614-3276 and order take out. Both menus are different so please make sure you know what you looking at.

How to I make an appointment regarding a wedding, event, cake or anyting special?

You can contact Chef Deb at 780-614-3276 or email us at We will make an appointment to meet with you.